I am a coach, catalyst, and futurist. My mission is to serve entrepreneurs, bold business leaders, and organizations in creating a prosperous business that acts as a strong force for good. I believe that the fastest way to create peace on earth, a thriving planet with happy people, is through companies and organizations that want to create a positive impact. “


Drawing from 20 years of empiric research in innovation, Katarina has achieved extensive knowledge of how to create a sustainable business and beyond. She has worked in the startup arena as a founder, co-worker, and above all, as a Lean startup coach. She has also supported enterprises to become more agile, sustainable, and innovative and teach the tricks from the startups’ worlds.


In 2017, thanks to the Vinnova-Wallenberg fellowship, she got an opportunity to spend a year in Silicon Valley. The purpose was to identify what can be learned from Silicon Valley to improve Sweden’s innovation power.

She has a Master of Science in Industrial Economics and Management. She practices yoga and meditation daily and has a deep interest in personal and organizational development, nature, and animals.